So I think I want to "Do Art"
December 02,2011
The Anonymous Show - New Home for my painting!

So it's been just over a week since the Anonymous Show opened in North Vancouver and I have learned my piece sold sometime within the first two days! I went to see the show last Saturday and it's quite great to see all the different styles of work done on the same 8"x8" canvas format. A lot of the work had already found new homes so there are little tags that hang where a painting once was. It was in this way I found that my painting found a new home...I saw the little tag.
I was so happy to learn that my painting found a new home! I actually teared up! I hope the new owners like it as it is a painting of a very special place to me.
Need to make more time for art! It's hard!

Posted by DIANE BLUNT at 06:48
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